Non-Fried Ice Cream
This version of Fried Ice Cream doesn’t require frying. You can fry this recipe, but I would allow the Ice Cream to freeze overnight to set completely so the crumbs have time to freeze. If you fry the ice cream right away the ice cream will melt quickly and your crumbs will float right off. Ask me how I know…
  1. Start with scooping ice cream and form into balls. Place ice cream balls into freezer. Grab a box of Cinnamon Crunch Cereal or a similar brand and grind in food processor to create crumbs. Pull out ice cream balls and roll in crumbs till coated. Place ice cream balls back into freezer till serving time. This recipe can be made days in advance. To serve, place Non-Fried Ice Cream in a small serving dish and drizzle with honey.